Friday, 9 January 2015

DAY 9 - Not a Painting!

Our internet was down this morning, then we went over the mountain to visit a friend in Nelson so I am a little late getting this out.
Orange and Green Jar
My painting today is not a regular painting but a recycled glass jar painted with alcohol inks and decorated with painted metal leaves.

I bought myself some alcohol inks before Christmas and have been playing with them a bit. The colors are vibrant and very strong and will take some getting used to. I am not really keen on using them on glass but I like the way they behave on the metal. The metal is just cut up pop cans and I paint on the inside: the leaves are bendable but I am afraid the photo really doesn't do the whole thing justice.

I seem to be setting a number of goals for myself this winter (learn Oriental brush painting, Anime and Alcohol Inks): now all I need is time!

Don't forget to check out the collection of art at and go to to vote for your favourite piece of art from those shared there. Remember, voters and artist could win a prize.


  1. Really cool idea Val. Those leaves look great, bet they are even better in person. Looks like you are having fun :) I didn't know that alcohol inks were so versatile!

  2. Thanks Sheila. Yes the alcohol inks can do lots of different things. A Facebook friend has done lots of glass vases and sold them too. I checked out a bunch of youtube videos before playing with the inks and still have lots to try. I find them fun but frustrating too - good luck with tomorrows painting!