Thursday 9 October 2014

And one idea leads to another and another...

I took a card making class last winter at The Bamboo Room near Bonners Ferry, Idaho  - Since then ideas have been knocking around in my head, just gelling and gathering strength.

 My first idea was to use a crocheted Christmas wreath as a frame. I added a photo of my granddaughter and  a couple of other things I had around. Not bad, BUT...

           I needed some designs, so I made some stamps, (these are just a sample)

            I painted and stamped some paper in sizes that would work for cards,

I crocheted more mini frames and then, flowers, leaves, stars, butterflies, hearts and a number of other things that came to mind.

 And then I put some of these things together in kits for other people to make cards or to use in scrapbooks and journals.

 In some cases, instead of the mini frames, I added an original pen & ink drawing on watercolour paper to be coloured or painted .

Although I hope that these items will sell (they are available from my Etsy shop - ) 
I enjoyed making them and will probably continue to design my own stamps and crochet patterns and to put together more kits.

So, as you can see, one idea led to another and another and another but it is okay because the joy is in the creating and ideas are always welcome!