Sunday 30 July 2017

Half Way Through

It is hard to believe that we are half way through the summer - where has July gone?

I look back and don't feel that I have accomplished much this month. I feel that I have been very busy although I am not sure with what! I have spent a fair bit of time taking care of my flowers because it has been so hot. I have also been busy with the Saturday Afternoon Summer Art Market; planning what to take, organizing other artists and artisans and trying to promote the venture.

I have painted a few more turkey feathers and figured out a couple of ways they can be displayed. And, here is a picture of one of the visitors who leaves feathers behind for me to paint.

The framed feather and the one in the stand are examples of how people can display the feathers - I think both look good.

I also managed to get a quilled piece done and was lucky enough to get a request for it the first day I posted it on Facebook. It will soon be making its way to Australia to a cousin-in-law.
#1045 - Pastel Hummingbird
The warm weather has really increased the fire hazard in our province and there are a number of fires burning although nothing too close to us. However, the smoke from fires hundreds of miles away still makes it way to our area. That, plus the threat of fire has, I believe, kept tourism down. I am keeping my fingers crossed that August will be a better month with more visitors and more sales - and cooler weather.

I would love to see your comments and how is your summer going?

Sunday 9 July 2017

A Short but Sweet Visit

This morning we had a charming visitor who had so much fun bouncing around the yard that I wished for a video camera. No such luck and besides there was a bit too much shade. I had to be happy with a few photos taken from inside the house.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my sweet visitor!

The photos aren't great because this little guy kept moving too much - so much fun! Mom was either just behind or just ahead of this little one and seemed  very calm about the gallivanting.

I was taking some photos of my yard and flowers to send to my daughter and it made me think about the comparison between my yard this past winter and my yard today.
the courtyard in winter

the courtyard today
I know which I prefer - in spite of the heat!

Saturday 8 July 2017

Just Too Hot!

That is what I am going to blame for the low numbers at the Saturday Afternoon Summer Art Market. It is too hot! People either head for the lake or they stay home and try to keep cool.

Once again we had 6 vendors and just a few more visitors - lol. Because of the heat my "Cool Ties/Hot Weather Scarves" sold pretty well - mostly to the other vendors as we all needed something to combat the 36 C (about 98 F) temperature.

Here are a few photos of the market:

We are all hoping for cooler weather for the rest of the summer but either way I know I will be at the market every week, hoping for more sales. I did sell a painting today - one of my painted feathers sold to a fellow Art Club member.
Raccoon on a turkey feather
I can only wish that paintings sold as well as these novelty items. Oh well, I don't paint for profit but for enjoyment but it would be nice if the two went together.

Have a great weekend where ever you are!

Friday 7 July 2017

Left Behind

The other day one of the wild turkeys that visit our yard left a gift behind. Now, turkeys often leave things behind and most of the time we do not appreciate the 'gift' and we have to watch were we walk - lol. But this time I was pleased.

There was a perfect tail feather on the lawn. Turkeys often leave the odd wing feather but the large tail feathers are not as common. Anyway, I picked it up but just couldn't throw it away. So, I painted on it!
Hummingbird and Morning Glory
I was so pleased that I went searching through my stash of feathers and found a few more that were large enough to paint.
Valley scene

I am hoping that these will sell well at the Saturday Afternoon Summer Art Market tomorrow. And, I am hoping that more feathers get left behind when the turkeys visit.