Monday 23 July 2018

My Garden

I certainly haven't done much art since my last blog almost a month ago as I have been too busy with my garden and my flowers.

 As well as taking care of the flowers in all the pots and in the garden, this year we decided to enlarge the shade bed in the front yard. We get mostly moss and weeds in this area because of the lack of sunlight and the fact that it is very close to the forest. I think it will look super once it is all finished.
We also added more gravel to this side at the back of the house and for the same reasons. I still need to get some perennials in both of these areas but that will probably wait until the fall.
A lot of people may wonder about all the gravel but I find that it really cuts down on weeding and it keeps water away from the walls of the house. And, it makes a nice backdrop for the flowers in the pots.
We still have a number of jobs to do outside so it will be a while before I get much art done but I am rather enjoying the 'holiday'.

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