Monday 28 January 2013

Expanding my Reach

I have expanded my reach by opening an Etsy shop. Here is the link that will take you right to it:

 One of the reasons I did this now was some encouragement from fellow artist Sherri Ann Strikwerda. You can see her art at:

I didn't just jump in, I checked out a few shops hoping to figure out how it all works but I can't say that was overly successful. One thing I did find out was that people are selling their art which was encouraging. So, with the help of another fellow artist, Laura Leeder, (, I filled in some blanks, added some art and voilĂ ! I have an Etsy shop.

To start, I decided to just display some of my smallest paintings and to keep the prices down. Even after looking at what others have sold, I can never tell what might make the grade.
Winter Grove
Little Daisies

Rosy Glow
I also added a few slightly larger paintings although I kept to the same medium - watercolor. I have two reasons for just displaying watercolors: they are easy to ship unframed and I have a lot of them. I hope to add different media as I expand although all of my art can be purchase right now through the webpage.

Floating Flowers

Now come the hardest part - letting people know the shop exists! I have posted the link to my shop on Facebook and the website: added it to my emails and will add it here. I am trying to connect with other Etsy shop owners as well.

Once again, here is the link to my Etsy shop, I hope you will check it out and share it with your friends.