Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Painting Parties - Who Knew?

Recently a local artist hosted something she called Painting Parties and a few friends attended. One friend suggested that I should try it as she felt I would be a better 'teacher'. At any rate, I decided to check it out on-line. WOW! I had no idea that the concept was so popular! There are franchises! Of course, most of these events happen in big cities and Creston has a population under 5000 with a high percentage of seniors, so maybe it is not surprising that Painting Parties are virtually unheard of here.

On all of the party sites that I investigated everyone was painting with acrylic. As a watercolour artist, I don't think the medium is getting a fair shake. If I go ahead with the idea, I intend to host a few Watercolour Painting Parties.
Derelict #1
I figure most beginner or novice artists should be able to create a vignette if they are supplied with a quarter sheet of watercolour paper, a drawing, paints and brushes AND some instructions.
Derelict #2

Many people claim that watercolour is a hard medium to work in because you can't easily make corrections. I think these vignette style paintings are loose enough that any mistakes will fit right in with the overall look.
Lakeside Living

For now I am just coming up with subjects and possible colour combinations, but I really think that I will give this party idea a try.

I think an afternoon spent on a covered deck with a drink, some goodies, paper and paint, and some like-minded people would be super fun. And everyone would have a painting to take home too!