Saturday 4 April 2015

I Really Should be PAINTING!

Tourist season is fast approaching and I am going to be exhibiting my art in a couple of venues over the summer and early fall, so I should have some new work to show. Also, my home gallery is going to be part of a self-guided art tour and I should have some new art available at home too.

BUT, I am having too much fun playing with cards to want to paint.

I made a couple of birthday cards for two of the cat-lovers in my life: my friend Linda and my daughter, Susan.

 I did a few pen & ink drawings of cats, added some watercolor and then used paper flowers and quilling to finish. I made one extra and added one of my crocheted butterflies.

For something a little different, I made a card using designs from my "Decorative Papercutting" book and added some paper flowers that were brightened with some silver gel pen.

As I quite liked the cards with the cats, I looked through my sketches to see what I had that would work the same way. The sketches become pen & ink drawings that will be painted and incorporated into more cards.

Hopefully, some of these cards will sell and I won't feel too bad about not painting more. The creative urge can be satisfied many ways - painting is just one of those ways!