Monday 11 March 2013

Volunteering: Work vs Opportunity

As if being a housekeeper, cook and bottle washer etc. and trying to find time to paint and attend workshops isn't enough, this year I took on an extra volunteer job. I am the coordinator for 2 community art displays: one at the local library and the other at the local Chamber of Commerce. Each exhibit lasts around 8 weeks and I have to find the artists, arrange publicity, help with set up (and take down of course), trudge around town with posters etc. etc. etc.

It is always exciting to see the new displays as they go up - to get the first look at the wonderful art that Creston area residents and visitors will be able to enjoy for free.

Here are some examples from the Art in the Library show
by Marion Evans
by Audrey Orosz

by Marge Wiebe

It is very hard to take pictures of watercolor art because everything is behind glass and the glare is terrible. Also, the library display is set up on long walls which makes getting an over-all view difficult.

Here are some pictures of the Art in the Chamber display

Encaustic Wax by Carrie Lucas
by Ute Bachinski and Elaine Alfoldy

by Andy Alfoldy
The Creston area has around 15,000 population and we probably have over 300 artists in a wide variety of media. Of course, not all of them are professional but we have some incredible talent in our neck of the woods and I am getting to see so much of it by volunteering to do the organizing. If you live in my area I hope you will stop by these venues and seeing the wonderful artwork on display.