Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Be Careful What you Wish For

Yesterday, I was thinking and saying to friends that I thought we needed more snow so that the forests would get more moisture and, maybe the forest fire danger would be less during the summer. Well, guess what?

 Yesterday this little bush was clear almost to the ground now it is hiding again.
 The snow on the roof shows how much snow we had (I figure about 7 or 8 inches) because once, again the roof was clear.
I do love the look of fresh snow, especially on the cedar trees. However, shoveling is a real pain! They are forecasting more snow for the next few days so I guess we will get more of the snow I was asking for.

On a more creative note, I have done it again! I have gone over-board making those wire, glue and polish flowers.
I have used up all the right weight of wire that I had on hand so unless they sell like hotcakes I won't be making any more anytime soon. And, if they don't sell, I have enough houseplants that can use the extra zing.

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Friday, 19 January 2018

A New Venture!

Last week one of my friends posted a video on Facebook and I just had to try it.  Have a look - Nail Polish Flowers

I didn't have coloured nail polish so I used some fluid acrylics to paint my flowers. For my first flowers I used a Sharpie to make the petals and just some white glue. I did buy some sparkle nail polish for the final touch.

Once they were done it was 'what now?' time. So I decided to make a little flower arrangement.


dragonfly closeup
My daughter, Susan, suggested that I could make dragonflies and butterflies with this method too - so I did! BTW, the little 'vase' is recycled from a garden solar light and the 'grasses' are made with quilling paper.

I wanted to see it I could make larger flowers, so I made a tube out of glue, tape and construction paper. The glue I used didn't work with the larger size petals and I had to do some experimenting to find something that worked. I ended up using some of my husband's WeldBond glue.

I enjoy making the flowers and experimenting making other shapes too but, I don't think that making arrangements is my thing. So, what to do with the decorations I do make? Add them to houseplants, of course!

Here is a picture of these with a white background so you can see them clearly.

I think I will have fun making more of these and I think they might sell - especially the insects as they would work well in dried flower arrangements too.

At any rate, it is another creative play for me and I like being busy and creative!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

I'm Still Here!

It is hard to believe that it has been almost 2 months since my last post. I don't even have the excuse of being too busy although I did have a cold/cough/flu thing for about 3 weeks and that really put a damper on things.

The Wynndel Christmas Craft Fair was quite successful for me; good sales and a few people signing up for quilling lessons. I also had a few sales at a local Christmas Pop-up store.

I haven't done a lot of painting but I did manage to get a few things done.
#1061 Soft Tones Poppy

#1062 - Into the Light
These paintings were actually just done to try out some new products; Soho Urban Artist acrylic paints and a Mimik Creative Mark brush. I ordered a number of things from a new (to me) company and received a number of 'gifts' with my order. How cool is that?

I decided to frame another of my painted feathers as people seem to prefer them that way.
#1063 - Hummingbird with Fuchsia
I figure the feathers look better with a bit of a background so I added the painted bird and some sky colour. This was a good move as the piece sold!

My final painting of 2017 was supposed to be part of a gift exchange at the Creston Art Club's Christmas party. Unfortunately, I was too sick to go.
#1064 - Northern Lights - 8 x 10 acrylic
But, now it is time to look forward to 2018 and I am starting off with the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. You can check it out on the Facebook page - LYA Facebook

I have many cards of my paintings already made and it is very easy to turn some of them into postcards so I was able to get my package off in the mail early. I won't share my cards but I figure I can share my envelope.

The postcard swap is a fun way to connect with artists from all over the world. Why not give it a try?

I have also signed on to do the 30 paintings in 30 day challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta. The challenge will be in February this year and - I hope future years too as I think it is a better time than January. Find out about the challenge here - 30/30

So, it looks like I am finally getting my act together and doing some art - at least I am planning it - lol.

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