Friday 23 October 2015

Something New

I have found a new creative outlet! Quilled Critters and Other Things!
quilled paper Ant
This is my first 'critter' and he has already been sold!

When I started making my critters, I hoped they would sell but I was surprised that a number of them sold the first time I really displayed them.
Stationwagon & Caravan
I have been having fun making my own patterns and developing those found on the internet. I am using 1/4" and 1/8" paper for my creations.  As I am too impatient to wait for my order of quilling paper to arrive I have been painting and cutting my own paper or just using stock paper that I have on hand.
Blue Bull (sold)
I have a number of different animals that I plan to make; everything from raccoons to butterflies. I hope to have a whole ark of critters ready for the Wynndel Christmas Craft Fair on December 5. I think most of my quilled pieces would make fun ornaments, either for the Christmas tree or hanging in a child's room. People could even put a few of them together and make a mobile or they can mount and frame them.
Going on Holiday
Just for fun, I took a photo of the car and trailer with one of my watercolor paintings in the background. From an angle the whole thing looks like fun but straight on - not so much.
This way the quilled pieces look pretty ghostly so I think they will do better on a plain background.

Anyway, I will continue to play with strips of paper and glue and let my other creative media take a backseat for a while. As always I will probably go overboard and make too many things, but I figure that as long as I am having fun it doesn't matter.

Thursday 1 October 2015

September Challenge Finale

Although our painting is done for the month, each participating artist is supposed to share a collage of the work we did during the 30 paintings challenge. I decided to just share the pen & ink cards I did which is only 29 pieces.
September 2015 Collage
My collage isn't nearly as colorful as most of those that are being shared but that is what you get when you choose pen & ink. I tried to make the collage more interesting by sprinkling the pieces with watercolor throughout the whole thing but I kept losing the photos. I really am not adept at moving things with the mouse - lol.

I wasn't going to join the September challenge because it is a busy month for me but I decided that I needed the excuse to do some art. The pen & ink cards had the advantage of being small enough to tackle in a day and, also of being easy to display in my home gallery.

The month is done; now it is on to other endeavours.