Thursday 21 February 2013

Not Just an Artist

As any artist knows, we are so much more than just artists. We are breadwinners, homemakers, repair men/women, mothers/fathers, gardeners... and the list goes on.

One of my other dimensions is my garden flowers. For the last few years I have been harvesting my own seeds and starting my own bedding plants. (I often collect more than I will plant so I can use the leftovers in my mixed media art.)

I collect around 20 different kinds of seeds in the late summer and early fall, dry them, separate out the chaff and store them till January.

I start my plants in the house in January because it is too cold here to run the heater in my little greenhouse until April.

By the time it is warm enough to move my plants to the greenhouse I often have a few flowers blooming.

 I don't know if starting my own flowers this way is cost effective but I enjoy the doing and the end result.

  It is so nice to have all the bright color surrounding us all summer that the work involved becomes insignificant

 Of course, I have to take a few steps to reduce the depredations of the deer that wander through the property.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the flowers, I have abundant subjects for my painting. The rock walls make an interesting background and some of the pots add an extra touch of color if used in a painting. Of course, I usually take some photos for reference during the winter months.
A few years ago a friend and I sat outside while we added the blue pots and their flowers to a painting. 
It was fun to do - one of the few times I have enjoyed plein-air painting. Gardening and painting - two activities - two joys!