Saturday, 8 July 2017

Just Too Hot!

That is what I am going to blame for the low numbers at the Saturday Afternoon Summer Art Market. It is too hot! People either head for the lake or they stay home and try to keep cool.

Once again we had 6 vendors and just a few more visitors - lol. Because of the heat my "Cool Ties/Hot Weather Scarves" sold pretty well - mostly to the other vendors as we all needed something to combat the 36 C (about 98 F) temperature.

Here are a few photos of the market:

We are all hoping for cooler weather for the rest of the summer but either way I know I will be at the market every week, hoping for more sales. I did sell a painting today - one of my painted feathers sold to a fellow Art Club member.
Raccoon on a turkey feather
I can only wish that paintings sold as well as these novelty items. Oh well, I don't paint for profit but for enjoyment but it would be nice if the two went together.

Have a great weekend where ever you are!


  1. Oh and I thought we were getting hot, we are more around 92 with high humidity. Just came off the porch this morning because it was already too hot for me Sorry that the turnout isn't so great but maybe you might get a couple of rainy Saturdays and that might bring in the tourists.

    1. Your weather sounds dire too, Nelvia although I don't think our humidity was too high so I imagine the conditions are pretty similar for both of us. There is some rain forecast and I hope it comes pouring down all over the province as BC has a number of big fires happening and the forests are very dry. As for tourists, they just head for the lake and stay there - lol.

  2. We are having rain right now, I was running errands earlier and was hoping to get my car rinsed off, but no luck. Lightning and thunder started about 30 minutes ago (9:30 pm). Love it, but the power flicked off just long enough to set off the clocks and router.
    I clicked on the photos to see them larger. Everyone's work is so wonderful!! I am sorry the turnout was not great, but let the word get around. Fingers crossed for you all!

    1. Thanks Sheila. We have some incredible artists in our valley and too few people who appreciate it. Oh well, they do say something about 'art for arts sake'. Goodnight!