Sunday, 11 January 2015

DAY 11 - Two for the Price of One!

Today I did two paintings of the same thing. It is sometimes difficult when you are copying to judge size correctly and something that looks good at the start may not look as good at the finish.

White Cherry Blossoms
I began this piece with the blossoms. They certainly looked large enough but when I went to paint in the stamens I didn't have any room. So, I painted the picture again!

Cherry Blossoms with Blue
Bigger and better, and for variety I added some blue in the background. I had fun playing with the trunk of the tree but I think the shape is a little strange. However, I have seen some pretty strange looking fruit trees here in the valley because of the way they prune so maybe it is okay.

There are a number of artists in this challenge and their daily paintings can be found  at so I hope you will check them out - click on the photos to see larger photos of your favourites. Also, go to Sea Dean's blog at to vote and get the chance to win a prize!


  1. Beautiful Val, I love old crooked branches and trees. I love the feminine delicacy along with the masculine strength... well done!

  2. Thank you Sheila! It is always nice when people appreciate your efforts. The contrast of the delicate and the tough is an interesting look but I found it hard to switch between the two. I did most of the flowers first, then the trunks in my final pieces so it was easier to have the right mind-set.