Friday, 16 January 2015

DAY 16 - Getting Ahead

As I plan to go to Cranbrook today, I painted today's picture yesterday. I decided to play with color again; this time acrylics.

I started with some liquid acrylics and just dribbled them on an 8 x 10 x 1.5 gallery wrap canvas. I let them run and blend adding a few spritz of water until I liked what I had and then I left it to dry. I kept looking at the canvas wondering what to do with it - mixed media? abstract? What?

I decided white flowers would look good on the somewhat vegetation looking background so I had a look through my file of flower pictures and chose these white tulips. Painting green leaves on a greenish background is a challenge all by itself but I think they turned out okay and I think the flowers pop well.

Check out Leslie's blog to see more of the art - and Sea Dean's blog to vote -


  1. Very nice. For someone that doesn't find social media easy, you're doing very well posting your work at my ART PARTY. I encourage anyone reading this to come over and vote for your favourites including Val of course.

  2. Thanks Sea Dean. There are a few things that I can do on the computer but many of them leave me baffled. I am lucky that my husband is very adept at computer - except for social media , lol

  3. Val this is so nice! I love how the buds pop, and you rocked the green leaves, i can see how that would be difficult, but you managed quite well . Beautiful!