Sunday, 18 January 2015

DAY 18 - Squeezing it in!

My granddaughter has been visiting since yesterday so I have had to squeeze today's painting in where time allowed. I have gone back to the Oriental style  today and admit that a few days off makes a difference in the ease of using the techniques - it was harder - lol!

Weeping Willow
This copy is just a small part of the instruction piece but I felt I really didn't have time for a larger piece. 'Weeping Willow' is a 4.5 x 8 watercolor on rice paper.

All of the paintings I have done for this challenge are for sale and you can find the prices in the Challenge 2015 album on my personal Facebook page - Contact me here or message me on FB.

For those who are following along don't forget and for more of the art in the challenge.

This is why my time was limited today!

When my granddaughter visits we often come up with something to create together and this weekend was no exception. We tie-dyed some clothing and fabric and here is a photo of some of the results - Jasmine is very happy with our efforts!

I think they look a bit like PJ's but then I am not 12 years old. There is another t-shirt and some fabric that will be turned into pillows next time  she visits.

There is almost always something happening when you are an artist so one is never bored and life is full of color and creativity!


  1. Love your piece today Val. the texture in the trunk, the rocks, grasses, it is all so wonderful. And WHOA! Dig those purdy clothes! So fun!

    1. Thanks Sheila. I thought it well well considering all the tie-dye stuff around me. From wow to subtle was a bit of a stretch but I guess I pulled it off judging by your comments.Thanks again

  2. Just catching up on your posts, Val, and this one so made me smile. LOVE the tye-dyed efforts with your granddaughter, and I'll be she does too!

    1. Thanks Win. Yes, Jasmine was really happy with most of the things we dyed and plans to use the left over dye at home. She also made some 'starts' to create some mixed media the next time she visits.