Monday, 19 January 2015

Day 19 - Good Feng Shui

Today I painted some Gold Fish, a very popular subject to paint apparently. The color represents prosperity and wealth and it is also a good feng shui subject and will bring good fortune to the home.
Fat Little Fish
This is another subject I will have to practise more! The challenge is to get the right amount of water in the brush to achieve wet at the start of the stroke and dry at the end.  In this painting each fish has a different look to the tail fin and they should have been similar. Oh well, maybe good fortune will come to me even though the fish aren't perfect.

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  1. I was thinking you had done that on purpose, to make one more feminine than the other. :) lovely little piece :)

    1. Do male & female fish look different? Maybe we can pretend I did it on purpose. My husband always says about playing music that if you make a mistake just keep playing and everyone will think you intended to do what you did - I guess the same can apply to art. Thanks Sheila