Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 21 - Working with Interruptions

I painted today's piece while I was at the Creston Art Club's weekly painting session. This presented a couple of challenges. First, the tables are old and when someone welds a brush or eraser vigorously the whole table shakes. I was interrupted by this twice and finally had to move because I was trying to paint some very fine lines. Second, I am the treasurer of the group and was interrupted by members coming to pay their dues.

Blue Heron in Fall
I also found the composition challenging. I am right handed and find it easier to paint a line from left to right and some of the lines in this piece needed to go from right to left. Of course, I just turned the paper up-side-down instead of trying something so awkward for me.

A word about rice paper - you CAN do a wash but the paper takes forever to dry which is strange because it is so thin!

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  1. Lovely Val. I love the warm background. Your details and treatment of the feathers are wonderful :)

    1. Thanks Sheila. I debated a bit on the background color but decided I like the warm color best too. As to the feathers: birds I have done in the past have been pretty detailed with pen & ink on the feathers and this looser look had me itching to go in and add some more detail but I restrained myself - lol