Saturday, 24 January 2015

DAY 24 - On My Own

Today I decided to take what I have learned about Oriental style painting and see if I could apply it to a local scene.

Kootenay Lake
This scene is based on one of my photos of Kootenay Lake: a place that used to be called Cummings Resort but now has a strange name that I don't remember.

I am not very happy with this painting as the style is a bit too much like my regular pieces. It doesn't have that vignette quality that I see in the Oriental style. My analysis of the landscapes in my copy books suggests that only a few elements of a scene are painted and they are not usually connected.

I have a few other photos that I will work from in the next few days but this piece will be going in the NFS file!

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  1. I am very much liking the blending of the styles, Val, and it is very evocative of our wonderful valley.

    1. Thanks Win. I think I will try the same scene in the blacks and grays that my books have - maybe I will be able to match the style better. I am sure that once I have finished my 'studies' a little bit of the Oriental style will creep into my paintings which won't be a bad thing. Have a good weekend!

  2. It may not be correct according to what you are trying to learn, but it is a very pleasing scene. Makes me think of summers spent camping.

    1. Thanks Sheila, I am lucky to live in such surroundings - we have it all, mountains, lakes, wildlife area and art!