Wednesday, 7 January 2015

DAY 7 - A Change of Pace

One of the neat things about this challenge is finding new blogs to follow and being able to learn from other artists' posts.

Country Mail Boxes

One of the blogs I checked out yesterday talked about watercolor paper canvases. I could kick myself for not remembering the name of the artist but I am sure I will find her as I am following her of Google+. At any rate, her blog led me to another blog - - and I found out more about watercolor paper canvases. So, of course, I had to try it!

My painting for day 7 is 'Country Mail Boxes', a 5 x 7 watercolor on a gallery wrap paper canvas. Once it is varnished it will be available for sale. This was an interesting experiment and I am sure I will try it again but tomorrow it will be back to working on Oriental style art.

I hope everyone will take time to check out the paintings in this challenge at -  and also go to this blog - - where you can vote on your favourite pieces.


  1. Lovely to see you're having so much fun experimenting, Val!

  2. It is always interesting Win but this one will, I think, go on the back burner as it somehow didn't 'Feel' like I was painting with watercolor. But, the experience was good!

  3. I love the soft grasses, wonderful sky, and gorgeous little trees. I looked out the back window just a while go, and noticed one of our neighbors has a perfect slender pine. I can see it better now that other trees have been broken by the odd snowfall we had. Always a silver lining. Ona's work is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the link :)

  4. Thank you Sheila for your lovely comments. It is often much easier to see one tree when that is all there is. Living in the middle of a forest I have to pay close attention to see just one - lol. Glad you found the link useful. Have a great night. I am looking forward to tomorrows posts.