Wednesday, 16 September 2015

September Challenge Day 16

I am happy to say I am feeling much better today! I had to spend some time catching up on a number of things that slid will I was under the weather so it is lucky I have a few cards already done. I hope to have some time tonight to do a bit of drawing but who knows.
Old Fence Post
This card is another quick pen & ink sketch with added watercolor. I enjoy doing wood grain in pen & ink although in this piece it doesn't show very much.

By the Old Log
Here is a painting I did a few years ago that shows wood grain better. "By the Old Log" is a mixed media piece with  pen & ink, watercolor and acrylic.


  1. Both of these are wonderful Val. I love the texture in your trees. Thanks for sharing this previous piece, I don't think I have seen it before :)

    1. Hi Sheila, Thanks for your comment. I don't believe I had shared the mixed media piece on Google+ before as I did it a number of years ago and it is sold.

    2. I have just been catching up on all your posts this month. Sorry you have been feeling unwell. I love all your little sketches

    3. You definitely have the wood texture thing nailed, Val! I have always found that very hard to do. Very nice pieces!

    4. Thank you Ona and Laurie. I am glad you have enjoyed my little cards.