Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September Challenge Day 29

I wasn't sure that I would be able to complete today's card. I made the mistake of spending too long working in the garden the other day and my right hand has been swollen from too much pruning and work with the trowel. However, by only doing a little bit at a time and resting my hand between sessions, I was able to finish this piece.
Great Horned Owl
On this 5 x 7 pen & ink with watercolor card, I used Reader's Digest "Book of North American Birds" as my reference. It was a tricky drawing with WAY too many feathers - lol.

Now I am off to my studio to figure out what to draw for the final day of the challenge!


  1. Oh my Val, lots of work here! Really a beautiful piece, I love the hint of blue in the trunk. Your feather detail is awesome :)

    1. Thanks Sheila. It has been a long time since I have done a bird and I had forgotten how much work they are. I love working with blue and browns - my favorite colors! Glad you like it

  2. This turned out well and yes there are a bizillion feathers. Tedious but sure with the effort. We made it Val, last day of challenge. Sure appreciated yiur support and ideas and thoughts. You gave me such good advice on hints you don't see when you are working on it for so long. Am glad to have done it, but glad to be done too. Now off to study color mixing for the next couple of. On this, just got a new book, so oh oh watch out D:)

  3. Thanks Nelvia for the compliment on this piece. I am glad if some of my comments helped. Sometimes fresh eyes will see things of concern. I will be watching for your color mixing studies - take care.

  4. Well done, sore hand and all, Val!