Thursday, 30 March 2017

Triple Report

Things have been busy since I wrote last. I have done some work on my painting 'Poppies by the Fence', I received another postcard from the LYA swap, and I had a lesson with Jeannie.

A few of my blogging friends made suggestions to improve my 'poppies' painting. I wasn't able to implement all of them on this piece but will be doing a second version where I can make more adjustments. Meanwhile, here are photos of the original and the improved painting.
 It is amazing how differently the paintings and the photos of them look. When I compare the second photo with its painting I wonder if I need to darken the shadows even more than I have done already. I am going to put this away for a while and let it gel.

Now for the treasure in the mail! Today's LYA postcard was from Jane Martin of Roanoke, Virginia. It is a charming sketch of a gardener's bench and fits in perfectly with my bedding plants.
Jane Martin's postcard
Jane included a super quote from Picasso on the back of the card:
             "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

You can see more of Jane's art at Mary Jane's Studio

And behind door number three... I finally remembered to take a photo of my student's painting!!!
Jeannie's painting
This was based on one of Jeannie's photos from their trip to Hawaii. The colours are a bit more vibrant in the original. We have done very few landscapes together and nothing with such a dramatic sky so this just thrilled me when I saw it at Art Club where she continued to work on the painting. I hope her husband is pleased with it too as it was his suggestion of a subject for this week's class.

#1021 - Storm over the Island - 7 x 10 watercolour
And this is my painting of the same scene. I demonstrate each step of the painting, often going over the same area more than once to help my students understand the process better and to demonstrate that watercolour is more flexible than many think.

It has been a good week!


  1. A very good week Val! I love the changes on the poppies. I think maybe you could darken just some of the shadows. The leaves are closer to the fence in some spots than others. But I love both versions :) Great card that you received. I spent some time looking at her blog. Really love her work. :) Love Jeannie's painting and yours!. Her sky is wonderful. Terrific light and shapes. Your water, and clouds and light are awesome as well. Hope the good keeps on for you throught the weekend! (and beyond of course.)

    1. Morning Sheila. A very good suggestion about the shadows for the poppies; I will try it out! I enjoy Jane's art as well - it is fun and free and lifts the spirit. Jeannie was still working on her painting when I took the photo so I expect that the ocean will see some improvement - she is very determined - lol. Have a great day and thanks for commenting.

  2. Val, I love your painting, Poppies by the Fence. And, your student's painting is lovely.

    Thank you for mentioning me and my website. I greatly appreciate it.


    1. Thank you Jane for your appreciation of my painting.You are welcome about mentioning your website - it is always great to be able to share another artist's information.

  3. Love how the poppies are progressing! I love the painting Jane sent to you...perfect with all your planting. Her blog is so unsuual and creative! Stormy clouds are not easy to do but Jeannie did a great job following your steps. Your stormy painting looks great!

    1. Thanks Joan for you support on the poppy painting. Jane's postcard is proving very popular with the LYA crowd and I am so glad that I got one - lol. I will be sure to let Jeannie know about the positive response from all of you. Thanks for commenting and have a great day.