Saturday, 11 March 2017

Value Workshop

Yesterday I attended a workshop on Value hosted by the Creston Art Club. Every year the club puts on a number of workshops instructed by club members or by other local artists. This workshop was given by a wonderful pastel artist, Carol Schloss - Carol's web page.

Partly because there was so much information to absorb and partly because we had homework, the workshop was split in two and the second half will be held next Friday. Here is my homework.
#1013 - More than a Picnic - 7  x 10 watercolour
'More than a Picnic' is my rendition of the very large still life set-up that was arranged for the class. I made a few changes, switching oranges to apples and adding the drapery in the background. It will be interesting to hear what kind of critique this piece gets next week.

Although I already knew a lot of the information given at the workshop yesterday, some of it was new and the reminder of the usefulness of red plastic film was the best part. For those who do not know, looking at your art through red plastic film turns the piece almost black and white. This makes it easy to check your values which is an important part of a painting.

One aspect of the class yesterday was very disappointing for me. Each participant brought in a painting they were not happy with for critique and suggestions for improvement. When my turn came, the response was unenlightening. Everyone, instructor included, said my painting was lovely even though I thought is was blah!
#426 - Windmills and Water - 7 x 10 watercolour with pen & ink
I wasn't happy with their lack of suggestions and prodded them to offer something. The changes I made are quite subtle but I think they make a difference.
#426a - adjusted painting
Of course, the changes are more evident in person but I am happier with the corrected painting.

In my last blog I shared some photos of the Creston Valley and today, just for fun, I want to share a picture of the same scene. - I will add the other day's photo for comparison.

I always think of Brigadoon when we have fogs like this - lol. The world has disappeared and you can imagine entering a different world when the fog lifts. Isn't imagination grand!

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  1. Yes imagination is grand. :) I thought your painting was terrific too, but seeing the changes you made makes me agree. It did need something. The light and shadows you added are perfect Val. Your class painting is looking great as well :) Thanks for sharing your foggy view :) (love that movie)

    1. Thanks Sheila. I guess it takes an artist - lol. Bob read the blog and told me he couldn't see any difference in the two windmill pieces. It has been a long time since I saw Brigadoon but I remember enjoying it too. Have a great day Sheila.

  2. I love those two photos, Val, and they're both great examples of value. Brigadoon indeed!

    1. Thanks Win - our world is so interesting!

  3. Values are so important. I've never used the red plastic film but I do know people who do. Nice values in the still life!

    1. Thanks Joan.The red plastic film really came in handy with the still life as a number of values were too close for good viewing and I was able to change them. - a super tool!