Saturday, 18 March 2017

Value Workshop part 2

We started the second class on Light with critiques of the still-life paintings that everyone did since the first class. I am happy to say that my painting "More than a Picnic" (see my blog 'Value Workshop') did not receive any negative comments and no suggestions for improvement were offered. I guess I got an A+ - lol.

I actually submitted two pieces for the critiques.
#1018 - Still-life with Oranges - 5 x 7 watercolour
my drawing of Still-life with Oranges

I did this piece mostly as a test for myself. My friends at Art Club were teasing me about my first painting for the workshop because I printed the photo and just transferred the image onto my watercolour paper before painting. I figured it was a class on value not drawing, so why not? But, Wednesday evening I decided I would do a drawing of the still-life from one of the photos on my computer. I was happy with the way it turned out so I painted it and submitted it for critique too. Everyone liked this piece as well and offered no suggestions for changes.

The remainder of the class was about Light and Mood and the instructor shared lots of photos as examples. It was very interesting and the notes will prove useful for future paintings. The instructor tried to show different moods on the still-life set-up by using coloured film over a spot light but the daylight in the room was too bright and the effects were limited.

We finished the class by starting work on another still-life with the new display. I took lots of photos but I also did a sketch.
drawing of still-life #2
 I do my sketches on newsprint in pencil then go over them with a pen. I really don't do enough drawing so working in pencil first is an indication of my lack of confidence. I plan to do a drawing every evening while watching TV to hone my skills and build that confidence. Being able to pause the TV is such a benefit. Here is a sketch I did from a commercial.
Deer sketch - about 6 x 8
This probably only took about 5 minutes to sketch, then another five to add the pen and some extra shading.

I think that the impetus to start sketching is one very special bonus of the  workshop I attended. I may not do many more still-life paintings but I will definitely do more sketching.


  1. Well this workshop seems to have had all kinds of bonuses for you. Daily sketching is really a good thing and it does help overall with the painting. I like all the drawings and your painting turned out so well. It was nice to have the encouragement to do a complete piece, I think sometimes we do take the shortcuts instead of the long way. Well done!!

    1. Morning Nelvia. Lots of bonuses indeed! I think we can always learn something from each other, whether through workshops, observing or reading blogs (lol). I doubt I will ever reach Joan's level of output with sketches but even one a day will be an improvement for me. Glad you liked my work and thanks - have a great day!

  2. Looks like you got a lot out of the workshop! "Still Life With Oranges" has really nice values to it. It came out really good. I could probably benefit from a workshop on values. Are you going to paint the second still life you did? I like that one too. I think sketching is important too and like any skill it takes a lot of practice. Sketching in front of the TV is a great idea. I'm usually sketching while I have the TV on, but usually am sketching something from life or a photo. It took me a very long time to be willing to give up my pencil for sketching, and once in a while I'll sketch in pencil first if it is something where it is really important to get the proportions right. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much Joan, I am glad you like the still-life. Yes, I will probably do the other sketch too although I am thinking about flipping it for variety. As for the sketching, I aspire to emulate your skills some day - practice, practice, practice. I will probably resort to photos or objects around the house because there isn't always something on TV that interests me. Thanks again.

  3. Wonderful painting. The folds and the oranges really catch my eye. Your sketches are wonderful. Your little deer has such personality :) Keep up the awesome work. Enjoy Val :)

    1. Thank you Sheila, I am glad you like the painting and the sketches. Have a great day.