Friday, 7 April 2017

This, That and the Other

Instead of sketching in the evenings lately, for a change of pace I have been doing some more quilling and adding the finished pieces to cards.
Quilled Rooster Card
I find most quilling to be relaxing and often do it while watching TV. Sometimes though, I pick a subject that is a bit tougher to do and it needs more control and concentration.
Filigree Hummingbird Card
This little hummingbird and flower seemed to take forever to do as I could only do a bit at a time while I waited for the glue to dry.

I have also been spending time figuring out my display for the up-coming Trade Show at our local rec centre. I mostly want to promote my Watercolour Painting Parties and my 20th "Anniversary as an Artist" Clearance Sale but I hope to make my display inclusive of all my work - thus the figuring.

This year I will be offering some new scenes for the Painting Parties. I am going to add 'A Building in Fog' as well as the 'Vignettes' and the 'Little Guys' parties.
Little Guys selection - paint two 5 x 7 pieces

Vignettes selection - paint one 10 x 14 scene

I don't have most of the scenes for the 'Building in the Fog' series ready yet but here is a sample;
#550 - Abandoned 
These scenes will be 10 x 14 and participants also get a 16 x 20 mat and a clearbag to protect their paintings.

I do have 'other' things happening but I think this blog is long enough, so I will leave the rest for an 'other' day - lol.

I invite readers to 'follow' my blog and leave a comment - let me know how I'm doing!


  1. I loved the quilled rooster...but then I saw the hummingbird and just smiled! Wonderful pieces!!! How great that you are going to be in a Trade Show. People will love what you are doing.

    1. Thanks Joan. It is so nice when your work gets such positive responses. I did the trade show last year and it was pretty successful - here's hoping for a repeat this year. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. My vote is that you are doing just great!! I like the quilled pieces, they are so delicate and the hummer, well ours are just now coming back from the South so it made me smile. I love those little guys. Seeing what you're going to do with the classes makes we wish I was closer. Your students are so fortunate to have your creativity and organization to learn painting in such a fun manner. Roll on Val!!

    1. Thanks Nelvia for the vote of confidence. I am glad the hummer made you smile and that you like both pieces. I might be hosting a few 'quilling parties' too this year -there seems to be some interest. I think the parties are a great way for people to see if they want to pursue art as a hobby, and they ARE fun too. Have a great day.

  3. Busy, busy! Love the rooster and the painted parts you added. Are you going to add paint to the hummer too? The scenes look great, I think you will have many happy students Val! Enjoy :)

    1. Hi Sheila. Glad you like the rooster and, no, I don’t plan to add paint to the hummer. I tried a few things and they just detracted from the quilling so I left it alone. I am keeping my fingers crossed for lots of people interested in the painting parties - gotta keep busy - lol. Have a great day.