Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Flowers in my Garden

No art today, just some photos of some of the flowers in my garden. Most of the annuals haven't come into their own yet but the perennials are doing just fine.

I often wish that many perennials would bloom all season instead of just in the Spring. It would be lovely to have the colour and the scent of Peonies all summer long.

I bought a few Fuchsia at the garden centre this year. I liked the pictures on the info cards in the pots but was still surprised when the plants started to bloom.

It is hard to tell from photos but the blossoms in the first two pictures are huge - what a surprise that was! You can get an idea by comparing the buds but I just picked the different types because of the colour.
And, finally, a few pictures of the only rose I have left. When we moved here there were four or five roses in the gardens; I have managed to kill all but this one. I guess they just aren't my thing.

Now for today's quote!

                                         If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

They do not know who to attribute this saying to but think it might be from the Roosevelt or Truman eras. It is thought to be a southern US saying but the first 'recorded' use was during the Nixon administration. I know I heard it long before then and it is one of my 'go to' phrases to this day. I use it or think it often: when they change Facebook or the layout at the grocery store, when the product you have used and loved gets 'new and improved' and isn't. I know there are many instances that I think fit this phrase; what are some that fit for you?

Thank you Sheila Delgado for nominating me for the Three Quotes in Three Days challenge. This is day two.

The rules are simple:

    Thank the person who nominates you
    Post one quote per day for 3 consecutive days
    Nominate three new bloggers each day

As I wrote yesterday, I will not be nominating more bloggers as I just don't know enough that are not already doing the challenge.

It would be great to hear from you - Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Going to try comments on my desktop and see if that will come through. Beautiful pops of colors, I have changed now to just a couple of pots. There were already drift roses in the front so am just trying to keep them alive as they continuously bloom during the summer.

  2. Hi Nelvia, share some pic of your flowers - maybe I will get that blog notice - lol.

  3. These photos are great, Val - I particularly like those dancing fuschia, and the roses are stunning!

  4. WOW! Love your pretty garden Val!! OH those tiny dancers, so delicate and lovely :)
    Love your quote, made me laugh. Uh-huh!! Facebook, Wordpress, Google, the computer. All these updates, that only seem to cause more problems. OH and the phone. Really, Updating again??? I understand the reasons why, but I just wonder WHY things were not done right the first time. Oh well.
    Hope you are getting plenty of time to SIT and enjoy your garden Val. :)

    1. Yes! there are so many things that work just fine but they change them! Glad you enjoyed the quote and my flowers. My kitchen window looks out onto my garden so I am able to enjoy it and the hummingbirds even while I am busy. Have a good night Sheila.

  5. Beautiful garden! You inspire me to get my hands dirty.

    1. Thanks Chandra - Getting your hands in the dirt can be so satisfying so I hope you go for it. Thanks for stopping by.