Saturday, 24 September 2016

Back in the Groove!

At least I hope I am. Things have been pretty crazy here for the last few months and, although I kept thinking about writing, life just kept getting in the way.

In August I was busy getting some paintings ready for the Creston Art Club's Annual Fall Show. I was also working on plans for the Call to Artists for the Art in the Chamber and Art in the Library displays for 2017. Then my husband, Bob, had a heart attack. He is OK now after having a stent put in but things were pretty hairy for a while.

So, in between visits to the hospital, I was able to get some paintings framed and ready for the art show.
a visitor looking at some of my paintings
We have a pretty nice set-up for our shows and we usually have about 20 members displaying their art - lots of variety in both subject and media.

Visitors have the chance to sit and enjoy refreshments while they enjoy the art.

After the Art Show, I had to get ready for my Watercolour Painting Parties. I had one on September 17 and one today, September 24. The first party had a full compliment of 6 which I consider a good number to allow for lots of individual attention.
Theresa and her painting

Rosemarie, Eileen and Kathy

Ed and Cheryl

It is always so gratifying when someone who has never painted before is thrilled with their painting. Or, when they are so pleased with the whole process that they plan to come for lessons. And, when some of them have come back for a second Party. - How cool is that?

Today's party only had 4 participants as a few cancelled due to illness but we had a good time!
Jenny was so into it she did two!

Jeanette had never painted before

Alison and Betty - trouble along the way but happy at the end!
I really enjoy introducing people to the joys of watercolour painting and hope to do more parties in the future.

For now, it is back to planning. I will be displaying my paintings at two venues for the next few months so I have to figure out what is going where and then get it all cleaned up and ready to pack! No rest for the wicked!


  1. Sorry to hear about your husband's health problem, and I'm so glad he's doing OK now. Getting ready for shows is always so much work. Even when you think you have almost everything done, there is more to do. Your students look so proud of the work they've done! You must be doing a great job!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joan. You are right about the art shows all that work and then in a few days it is over. Why do we do it? LOL. I don't know that much of the credit goes to me for the excellent work my students have done but I am glad they all go home happy.

  2. So glad your husband has recovered Val. I love the art your students created, and your work looks great on display. Wish you well with your upcoming events! So nice to see what you have been up to :)

    1. Thanks Sheila.It is such a pleasure seeing my students create such good work - it makes teaching a joy. I have been enjoying your challenge pieces and hope to have time for the January one. Have a good day.

  3. Oh Val, you sure have had your hands full this summer. So glad your hubby is doing well,and on the mend, but still is a big shock for both of you. Your art sessions sure appear to be a success. Not only do you give the gift of pictures but also the joy of painting will be your legacy. Well done.

    1. Thanks so much Nelvia. It was a shock and now I am working at changing our eating habits to something healthier. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with beginners and am always so pleased when they continue with art - a legacy indeed.

  4. You are such a trooper, Val - you are constantly working to promote the arts and artists in the area, doing classes and taking care of family at the same time. Kudos!

    1. Thanks Win - I guess enjoying (most of) what I do makes it all possible.