Friday, 20 March 2015

Painting Day

Every once in a while my friend, Linda, drives the 2 hours from Nelson, BC to spend the day with me so we can paint together.

Linda in my studio
It is always a fascinating time because Linda likes trying new things and every time she visits I end up painting something I never would have painted on my own.

Today she brought a tutorial of a painting by Frank Webb - "Bill's Lumberyard" that she printed from the internet.

my painting
I have a few samples of Frank Webb's art in one of my painting books so I might try this style again just to see if I can.

Over the years, Painting Days with Linda have taken me in a number of different directions that I might not have traveled on my own.

Other Worldly

Sometimes we will use one of our painting books for ideas. For "Other Worldly" we looked at "Watercolor, Pour it on!" by Jan Fabian Wallake.

Master of the Farm
Sometimes we will use something from my files of reference material. I don't remember exactly what I used for this painting but I loved the rooster and hated the rest of the piece. I cut the rooster out and stuck it on another piece of paper and added a new background, creating a watercolor collage.

Wonder & Joy
Linda and I don't always paint the same subject. For "Wonder & Joy", I used a photo from a magazine and Linda painted a picture of a young boy from one of my art books. We both painted people which I would never have done without her suggestion.

Our Painting Days don't happen often because of the distance between us and the fact that we both have pretty busy lives. I don't remember how many we have had over the years but every one has given me new knowledge and ideas. Painting Days are a wonderful way to share and learn from a friend and I am so happy that Linda will take the time to come and share with me.


  1. Linda sounds like an amazing friend! How fun is that. I love seeing all of your experiments Val... I never know what to expect! Oh and that Looong painting table - I want one!

    1. Hi Sheila, Yes, Linda is a good friend. I wish she lived closer so we could paint together more often. The long table is an old door that my husband but folding legs on - it works great. I am lucky to have a nice big room for my studio; I have two tables and lots of storage AND I can leave stuff out which is the best part - lol

  2. How exciting t,have someone push you and spur you on. That is why I like Leslie's 30 day challenge. You do stretch, you do try new things and most important while you spend quality time with someone special,you grow. Isn't art that there is always something else to try, you can never master it all. Only problem is finding that voice that is yours, but if you don't try it all how do you know?

    1. Hi Nelvia, I like the one-on-one that I get when I paint with a friend. Although I enjoyed Leslie's challenge and learned a lot I was sill working by myself. I don't know that I am concerned with finding a 'voice' that is mine as I feel that most of the things I learn can be incorporated into creating a variety of voices. Trying new things keeps my life interesting! Have a great weekend.