Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Making Do Part 2

Last week I made a get well card for a friend in the hospital.
My husband objected to the 'balloon'  with the salutation and suggested I just find a way to transfer it onto the card or painted paper and leave the extra piece out. So, he immediately went to the font of all knowledge - the computer - and found a number of possible methods. This is one of the sites Bob found - http://www.vintageimagecraft.com/transfer_images.html. We decided to try the Blender Pen method.
Of course, I don't have a blender pen but Bob said that Rubber Cement Solvent (which he had) would work the same way. He is so clever! Anyway, he printed me a mirror image of a song and I taped it upside down on a card. Using a Q-tip, the solvent and a flat wooden spoon as a brayer, and, working outside, I transferred the image.
Then I found another image and transferred that to the inside of the card with a phrase from the song underneath. I added some quilling and cut out paper hearts for some colour.
I was concerned that the transfers would smudge so I sprayed them with a light coat of workable fixative. Then, to continue the experimenting I added some paint to brighten the whole thing up.

The transferred image is not as dark as an original printout and can give a bit of an old-fashioned look but I am sure this method is something I will use again. ( the solvent is now part of my art supplies - lol). Once again I was 'making do' with something around the house, thanks to my husband!


  1. Lovely attention to detail, Val!

  2. Beautiful Val, and thanks for sharing the info with us. The colors in your flower are so cheerful :)

    1. Thanks Sheila, If you haven't tried some of these transfer techniques - have fun when you do. The flower was made with one of my painted papers - I really like pink and orange together - ttfn