Thursday 27 November 2014

Sharing Knowledge

I started painting in 1997 and within the year I was displaying my work at markets and art shows. Every display there were viewers saying things like ' I've always wanted to paint' or 'I wish I could...' So, in 2000, I started teaching Beginner Art to share an activity that gave me so much pleasure and to spread the wonder of art.

I wanted to give people the chance to explore a few different media without spending lots of money only to find out that  - for instance, they hated watercolor painting. The classes were an 'introduction' to the different media and students where welcome to continue with more classes after the basics were done.

basic shapes example
We started with pencil; working with basic shapes to draw everything from landscapes to teapots to cows. Students learned about light source, shading, composition and perspective - all things they would need whatever medium they chose.

Autumn Splendor
Next was watercolor! Students learned color mixing - on paper and palette, negative painting, tonal values in perspective, flat and gradated washes and so much more.

Wild Tulips
We moved on to acrylics and students worked on paper, canvas, fabric and wood. I wanted to show the versatility of the medium as well as the different techniques needed for different surfaces.

For my group classes I also taught the basics of charcoal, pastel and pen & ink but I found that most students wanted COLOR so I decided to stick with pencil, watercolor and acrylic.

I have been lucky over the years that a number of the paintings I started in demonstrations turn out good enough to frame and sell - even the ones I paint up-side-down.
Home in the Country

Or the ones where I am learning along with the student - lol
Let it Snow
And then there are the subjects that take me back to my first year of painting when so many of my paintings were of flowers.
Little Pansies
I mostly teach private classes now as I like working one on one with the students but I do offer workshops in my area for interested groups. Check my web page for information about workshops -

Whether I am teaching one person or a number, I really enjoy sharing what I know and seeing the eyes light up when a student holds up a finished work and it looks GOOD!