Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Paper Towels and Other Things

This afternoon I read a blog post by a Google+ friend Sheila Delgado - and it got me thinking about how I use paper towels.

I use paper towels to blot, lift, mop, dry brushes, wipe my palette, sometimes to create a textured look and a number of other things as well. I have a pile of half or quarter sheets ready by my hand whenever I paint. When painting in watercolour these used papers go right into the trash because the colours are usually washed out but when I paint in acrylics - WOW

A great range of colours: some soft but most bright enough to jump off the page.

Painted paper towel coated with gloss medium for strength and some 'flowers' made with medium coated paper towel. Lots of fun!

And, of course painted paper towel can be use in mixed media.

Circles - 6 x 12 mixed media
 Painted mat board, painted paper towel, painted cheesecloth and some "leather" on gallery wrap canvas
Paper Flowers in Purple - 7 x 9 mixed media

Paper towel flowers and leaves with coloured pipe cleaner on painted mat board

 I learned these uses of paper towel from a local artist Win Dinn (see more here - Win is an expert at trying different things to create interesting effects - like cheesecloth and dryer sheets!

painted cheesecloth and painted dryer sheets

One of these days I will get back to playing with my paper towels and mixed media - so much to do and so little time!


  1. Terrific post Val! My mind is spinning with ideas! I love the flowers, and "cone" flowers. I would not have thought of dryer sheets, Wouldn't they still have some residue on them? Maybe not, we use them in several loads before we replace them. I have always loved the colorful results when cleaning up acrylics, I think I have a few of those remnants saved. I am going to think about that every time I paint now! Thanks for the link Val, I am going to add one to your this post from mine. :)

  2. A terrific post, Val, and with your usual glorious colour! Thanks for the plug - glad to know you're still creating full tilt. :D

  3. Thanks for this post, Val! It is a very good idea indeed!