Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Decision to Make

I have decided to enter one of my paintings in a juried art show at Kimberley's Centre 64. I have to figure out what to exhibit and it is a problem because I really don't 'get' the jury process. I did not understand at all why the winners at the last juried show I attended were picked. I thought the 1st prize painting was awful.

 However, nothing ventured etc...

I have tentatively chosen three paintings. 'Evolving' is an acrylic with  five sections depicting evolution from primordial ooze to a vague man-like form. It might be the best choice for a show called -
"Arts on the Edge"

Full Moon

  The next piece, 'Full Moon' is one of my favorites - which right there makes me think I shouldn't enter it as any painting I have liked in juried shows has never won. It is a watercolor started with the pour technique and ending with some detail in the mill and the bridge.

Broken Trellis

My third choice is 'Broken Trellis'. Again, this is a watercolor but I used a number of different techniques: masking with tape and masking fluid, pouring on paint and blowing thru a straw, negative and positive painting and using stencils. It is different but is it 'Art on the Edge'?

I don't know how many people look at this blog but I hope some of you will help me make this decision. Anyone, with experience in adjudicated exhibitions or not, might have a better idea than I do of which painting to choose.


  1. Well, for me the hands down winner is Broken Trellis. But I'm an artist and this one appeals to my artistic sensibilities. I certainly think it fits the bill of Art on the Edge. I entered a juried show recently and was secretly told by "someone in the know" that they tend to choose the "regulars" as the winners...not so much the best piece or crowd favorite. Well, that just sucks. But start entering and become a regular. Good luck with your submission. I would come in person to support you if I loved nearby.

  2. Go with your gut instinct, Val - juried shows are always a crapshoot, as each of the jurors will see each of the pieces with a different eye. This doesn't mean the piece is not valid, just that it may not fit at that particular moment. Good luck! PS I'm loving the forms in Broken Trellis, and just saw your library show - Night Demons is beautifully rendered!

  3. hey Val--For" Art on the edge " I go with the first one, altho Ialso like the trellis. I love full moon but it looks very traditional. What do I know??. Going to sit later today and paint more! Good luck whatever you choose.