Monday, 16 July 2012

Are We Finished?

I think one of the hardest things an artist has to decide is when a painting is finished. So often we keep fiddling with a piece until we lose the freshness and life the painting would have had if we had left well enough alone.

My student, Annie, and I have 'finished' our paintings of the Big Rock. Except for  fifteen minutes when I started the painting and a few hints and tips after at Art Club, Annie pretty much painted on her own and so did I.

Annie's Rock

Although we worked from the same reference photo, our print-outs were slightly different colors. Thus our paintings are different too.

Notice that Annie's rock is truer to the actual shape of the original while mine is elongated. I did mine quickly then adjusted it the following week and I was not concerned with duplicating the photo.

Unless you are doing portraits or commissioned work where accuracy is important, it is acceptable to change your work  - it is called 'artistic license'.

reference photo
My Rock

Without consultation, both of us left out the tree branches on the left. I don't know about Annie but I felt they were just a distraction. It was hard to tell from the photo the color of the grasses in the foreground and we both opted for a green tone.

So! Are we finished? I think I am, but Annie mentioned that she might do a bit of 'tweeking' when we get together next. We will see what happens when I see her painting in person but I think she might be finished too.

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  1. Fun to see two different versions against the reference photo!