Monday, 26 June 2017

The Last Party of the Season

Well, summer has hit us with some heat finally and it was so nice to be able to set up in the cool basement for the last Watercolour Painting Party of the season.

I only had five participants this weekend so it made everything go very smoothly. Another advantage was that they all had some experience with watercolours.

Here are the photos of the work created:
Heather and her Derelict Boat

Closeup of Heather's painting

Eileen's Lighthouse

closeup of the Lighthouse

Jane with her Summer Veranda
closeup of Jane's painting

Mike and Rhonda with their paintings

Rhonda's Flower Garden

Mike's Rickety Old Barn
Everyone was very happy with their finished paintings and I think some of them will be back in the fall for another Painting Party.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

So, I am not going to write much today. Here are some photos from my latest Watercolour Painting Parties.




Close-up of Veronica's painting


close-up of Marja's painting
                                  "BUILDING IN FOG" PAINTINGS

Eileen Tanner and Shauna

Shauna's painting

Eileen's painting

Tanner's painting

Shelly and Pauline

Shelly's painting

Pauline's painting

Judy and Lynn

Judy's painting

Lynn's painting
We had a great time at both parties and, once again, everyone seemed very happy with their paintings - in spite of a few hiccups - lol.

I am taking a bit of a break from art to catch up on house and yard work but I am sure I will be back at it soon.

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

A Weekend Away

This past weekend Bob and I went over the mountain to Nelson for a few days. Bob was participating in a weekend gathering of community bands but I went for a painting play-date with my friend Linda.

Linda had some plans for a large abstract painting that she wanted as a feature of her newly renovated Bed & Breakfast bedroom. As this was the largest piece she had every done she was understandably hesitant. This is the finished painting.
Linda's "Journey"
Linda wanted to use various colours of the house paints that decorate the B&B but wasn't sure which would work best in the new room. So we practised!
practice board
I had a piece of masonite with me that I had intended to use for my own painting but it ended up being a testing board. First I slapped on some colours that were similar to the base coat on Linda’s canvas, then I added some of the other colours she wanted to use. That gave us a chance to decide what colours worked best. Linda chose the darker sand tone and the green and sponged them on the canvas randomly. The next step was to determine the subject colours and how to apply them. Once again colours were applied to the practice board, this time by Linda. The choices were purple and cream and the application was splatter and swipe with a 3 inch house painting brush. This part was done outside with Linda standing over the canvas. This was fun, especially when the wind decided to help with the direction of some of the streams. Although neither of us was sure the painting was finished we left it alone until the next day. Sunday morning we decided the painting needed just a touch of an accent colour - hence the splotches on the practice board. Vermilion was the colour we liked best and, fortunately, one of my acrylic pens was the perfect colour. A bit of thought, some practice and voilĂ  -the painting was done! And, there were two very satisfied artists in the house.

While Linda was working on her painting, I was doing some playing of my own.
stencil and sparkle play

#1041 - Storm Tossed - 11 x 14 acrylic on canvas board

#1042 - WIP?
Of all the paintings I did during the weekend the only one I like is Storm Tossed. It was an old painting of Linda's that she didn't like and she suggested I 'fix' it or change it. I didn't change much so I had her sign it too - a collaboration between friends!

Although most of the time painting is a solitary endeavour, it is good to be able to work together to a satisfactory finish, whether it is just with ideas and suggestions or if it is some actual hands-on help.

Btw - here are a couple of photos of the waterfall behind the place where we went for dinner on Saturday.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

And the Winner is....

Well, not really a winner but the painting that was chosen to be the gift for a young girl named Poppy. Here it is!
#1036 - Peachy Poppy #2
As you may remember I had a commission from a friend to paint a picture of poppies. The only instructions where to size - 7 x 10 and the colour - a soft peachy pink - the rest was up to me!

I found that a bit confusing so I decided to paint a number of pieces to give my friend lots of choice. I have shared the first two before but here they are again.
#1014  Peachy Poppy #1

#1020 - Poppies by the Fence
I did one more version of this last piece with fewer poppies - sort of a close-up view.
#1037 - Poppies by the Fence #2
All four paintings were very favourably received and it took my friend and her husband a few days to decide which one they preferred. It is so nice when a customer is satisfied!

By the way - I have three poppy paintings for sale - lol!

Friday, 2 June 2017


We have a robin that epitomizes that term! First, she started a nest on the support beam of the roof of the outside deck - she abandoned that. Next, she started a couple of nests under the deck roof - she abandoned these too.
We waited a few days to make sure that the robin wasn't coming back, then we swept and blew away the half-built nests.

We figured that was the end of the problem - we don't really like robins above the deck as they make a terrible mess. However, I looked out this morning and there was a robin perched in the same area where one of the nests had been. She was twitching and fidgeting around and had us wondering what she was doing.  I went about my normal morning routine and put her out of my mind. Bob called me sometime later and told me there was now an egg on the beam - but no robin.

We watched for quite some time but the robin didn't come back. I don't know how she expects the egg to hatch but I figure it is just another example of how bird-brained this bird really is!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

EDM 2017 Finale

I made it! I finished the Every Day in May drawing/painting challenge. I did have to double up a couple of times because there were a few days when things were just too busy for me to find time to do even these small sketches. But, I finished and even surprised myself with some of the sketches as they were so out of my comfort zone.

I don't imagine I will do this challenge again next year as May is such a busy month but I am glad I did it this time. It was interesting to come up with some of the subjects and I am very thankful for the internet for supplying reference photos for a number of things.

So thirty-one little sketches are done and put away in the memory file; now it is time for more gardening and more Watercolour Painting Parties.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Too Much Going ON!!!

I feel like I have been on a treadmill with no way to get off! Life has been so busy between yard work, building a rock wall with recycled cement and stone, dentist and doctor appointments and, of course, my first Watercolour Painting Parties of the year.

  I had a super group of five lovely ladies for my first party on Friday. A few of them had done some painting before but every one did a marvellous job with their painting - experienced or not!
Jewelle with her log cabin in the swamp

Marg with her cabin in the swamp

Judy with her foggy lighthouse

Another Judy with her lighthouse

Deni with her windblown lighthouse
These fog paintings don't really show up well when they are this small but , believe me - all of the paintings are super!!!

My Saturday party was much smaller; only two participants. We were gong to paint 'Little Guys' and both of them decided to paint the same scenes. This made my job much easier and we even had time to take a walk out in my yard and enjoy the lovely weather, the music from the creek and the birds and the flowers that are in bloom.
Eileen with her 2 paintings

Heather with her paintings
Heather and Eileen had such a great time that they are going to join my June 25th party when we will be doing vignettes.

I love it when things work out so well!