Monday, 28 November 2016

Something a Bit Different

This is the time of year when many artists think about displaying their work at Christmas Art and Craft Fairs. As I don't like the bustle of large events I usually just set-up for the local Wynndel fair which is happening this Saturday, Dec. 3.

I will be displaying a few of my smaller paintings, a wide selection of my cards, crocheted Christmas ornaments and many of my quilled ornaments. This year I am adding some new items which I hope will appeal to people looking for gifts for boys.

I made some stencils for the first time with not much idea of what I was doing. Then I painted some leftover pieces of mat board and added the stencils. The final step was to cover the back and make a border on the front. These signs have hang-tabs on the back but are also light enough they can be stuck on the wall with Fun Tak. I think they turned out well and hope that others like them too.

Because I had the stencils I figured I might as well use them again but this time I put them on T-Shirts.

It has been quite sometime since I had a young boy in my life so all I can do is hope that these will be a success.

I came up with another item that I hope will sell. I often get pains in my hands and the rice/wheat bags I had were much too big so I took them apart and made small ones.
Some of these were made with recycled material and others were made with  my painted fabrics. Thirty seconds in the microwave makes them nice and warm and the heat lasts a surprising length of time.

I think I am going to do a few signs with a different stencil design for the fair - just for fun!
I have had a sign with this "Artist at Work" design for years and when my friend Linda saw my stencilled signs she asked if I could make a stencil of this design. So, while Linda played with some acrylic abstracts, I made another stencil. Once the stencil was done Linda made her own sign and I figured I would make a few too. Who knows, maybe they will sell  - I'll even take commissions - lol.

It is always interesting to see what items do well at the Wynndel Christmas Art & Craft Fair and will I never make a killing I usually do okay - time will tell.


  1. Wishing you well Val! You've been busy! The signs have a retro feel and that might serve you well. The bags are pretty, and a great idea too. Love the artist at work with paint splatters :)

  2. Thanks Sheila - I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. I would have sworn I left a comment on this. I like your idea to have designs that appeal to boys too. They are often left out. The t-shirts are a good idea, but then you have to worry about having the correct size. The design for the artist at work is cute and would also make a great design for t-shirts, aprons, tote bags, etc. Good luck with the show.

    1. Thanks Joan. When I was gearing up for the fair, I remembered a complaint for a woman at last year's fair, thus the idea was born. Where I live the problem is not the sizes of the Tshirts but get some that don't have printing on them - a real challenge. I am always willing to put a stencil on any item and am open to commissions. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You always come up with the most interesting things. These signs sort of have the tie-dyed backgrounds that really keep them interesting and not looking flat. I too think that the boys will like the designs. My fav is the dragon I think. I haven't heard of rice bags but like the idea and concept. What did you use to put these designs on the t shirts?
    Am sure that you will have a successful outing.

    1. Hi Nelvia, thanks for stopping by. I like to keep busy and it doesn't matter if it is art or some other form of creating. Also, living in a small community the same people come out to these events all the time so you need to keep things interesting. For the designs on the fabric I just used regular acrylic paint but I mixed it with a fabric medium so that it will be pliable and long lasting. The actual applying was done with a stencil brush. As for the success tomorrow, I am just hoping it doesn't snow. Take care and have a good weekend.