Sunday, 26 June 2016

Teach and Learn

I have often found that each time I teach a class or workshop that I learn something too. Yesterday's Watercolour Painting Party had seven complete beginners so everything was completely new and frightening. Do you remember the first time you sat in front of a blank sheet of paper or canvas? Do you remember how you hesitated to add any colour? I still have trouble sometimes when confronted by a large canvas and acrylics or oils but not with watercolour so I was a bit surprised by the hesitation most of the group exhibited.
Dora, Karen and Judy
Karen's Victorian Garden

Dora's Weathered Sheds

Judy's Soft Sunrise
 I also learned that when teaching raw beginners that seven is really too many. I found that I was not able to give everyone the individual attention that they needed. I often felt that I rushed through explanations so I could move on the the next person. Luckily no one held it against me and they all seemed to have a good time.
Veronica, Edith, Ingrid and Lee

Veronica's Fantasy Garden

Ingrid's Shipwreck

Edith's Barn on the Hill

Lee's Barn in Autumn
In spite of the fact that they were beginners I think they all did a wonderful job with their paintings. Once they got going they didn't seem to be afraid of the colour any more and they also learned that they could do a lot with just water.

This was the last Watercolour Painting Party until September when I will be doing two more with the vignettes for those who weren't able to attend in June. I will also be offering some parties where participants will get to do 2 small paintings that will be matted to 8 x 10's.

I hope I can take what I have learned and make my next Painting Parties even better than the ones I already done!


  1. Well you obviously taught them something and well, my first didn't look as good as these. Glad you at getting a good reception on these parties, you ar answering a need. It has got to feel great to know some of these folks will go,on and get more involved in painting. Pretty precious gift you are giving Val. And, yes you are right, the juvenile Eagles don't get completely white heads until they at about 5years old

    1. Hi Nelvia. Thanks for your comments. Since I started painting I have heard so many people say 'I wish I could paint' or 'I always wanted to paint' that I have come to believe creating something is a deep seated need in everyone. I am always glad to fill that need for people. Maybe your white-headed eagle just acts like a a kid - lol. Have a great day.

  2. So impressed by your students work :)

    1. Thanks Sheila - didn't they do a wonderful job?

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you ramalingam india - I always appreciate your comments and support

  4. You would never know they were beginners. Nice work by your group, Val! I like seeing the different results, and this is so much nicer than everyone doing the exact same thing.

    1. Didn't they do a wonderful job? I like having people paint different things too. Although it is harder to teach, it is more rewarding. Thanks for stopping by Joan.