Thursday, 2 August 2012

Painting with Friends

Yesterday two friends came out and we spent most of the day painting with oils. It was a challenge! Carrie and I hadn't painted with oils since last summer and it was Lori's first time to use them. I paint using the Bob Ross method and the large brushes are almost alien to Lori.

Carrie got started first and before too long she was turning her canvas and asking "What do you think?" Both Lori and I thought "WOW"

While Carrie was moving right along, Lori and I moved at a slower pace. I had had Lori watch a Bob Ross DVD to familiarize herself with the process but he makes it seem so much easier than it is. I did a similar picture so I would be able to demonstrate on my canvas.
Lori's painting

For a first attempt, Lori's painting turned out very well. She is already wondering how oil will work on rock which is her normal painting surface. You can see Lori's work on Facebook at

Ice Cold

I am pleased that my painting turned out as well as it did as I had a number of interruptions while I was working. The Bob Ross method of oil painting may be less detailed than traditional oil painting but it is definitely quicker and it is fun.


While Lori and I were working away on our larger paintings, Carrie finished her first and did another one. Fast and furious (very much Carrie's style) this one is the opposite of her first and is only loosely based on a photo.

Although some paintings require solitude and concentration, it is lots of fun to paint with friends. You can bounce ideas around, help each other with techniques or loan materials. But, the biggest benefit is the encouragement we give each other. And it is important to remember the Bob Ross saying 'There are no mistakes in painting - just happy accidents"

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