Saturday, 9 June 2012

Figuring things out

As I am very close to being a Luddite, I find making this blog very difficult. If my husband, Bob, wasn't so computer adept I would have given up  - actually I probably wouldn't have started. I have managed to write a bio of sorts for an 'About Me' page and I have a start on my 'Gallery' page. In my art I have a couple of projects going:

This painted fabric is going to be a wall-hanging. Not sure exactly where I am going with it but I have a few ideas.

This painting, which I am calling "Waterfall in Oregon", is acrylic on paper. I am giving a few classes to a fellow Art Club member and it is always easier to demonstrate on my own painting. I try very hard not to put my brush on another person's painting. It is interesting to see the differences between artists doing the same picture. I hope I can remember to take a photo of Annie's painting when we are done.

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